EPA/SCPA Membership 2018


SCPA Membership is through the English Petanque Association (EPA).


Membership of the (EPA) runs from Janury 1st until the 31st December. You must have an EPA Licence issued by the SCPA to play in the SCPA 6-a-side and 9-a-side Leagues or in any of the regional events.

These currently are:

  • The Regional Qualifying Series
    (to qualify to play in the EPA Inter-Regional Championship) 
  • Singles  
  • Doubles 
  • Triples
  • Mixed Doubles 
  • Over 50's Doubles 
  • Shooting Competition 
  • Adult/Junior Doubles
  • Junior Triples
  • Winter Doubles 
  • Summer Doubles  
  • 9-a-side Salver

The winners and runners-up of the SCPA Doubles, Triples and Shooting competitions are eligible (and expected) to enter the EPA Champion of Champions competitions to represent the region. Your club will be automatically entered by the EPA into the EuroCup competition for clubs if you are registered by the 31st May and have a minimum of six EPA members (with at least one being of opposite gender to the others). 


SCPA Membership Fees 2018

If membership is obtained through the Southern Counties Petanque Association then the fees for 2018 are as follows:

  • Adults - £26.00 (of this the EPA are paid £20.00 and the SCPA receive a precept of £6.00)
  • Juniors (under 18 years as at 31st December) - For the 2018 season will be paid by the SCPA as has been the case for the last 3 years, and which we hope to continue for future years. (Finance is looked at each year to see if this is affordable - the EPA charge the region £5 per junior which is paid by the SCPA.)


Changing Clubs

  • To Change Clubs pleas contact the SCPA Membership Secretary, or your club secretary, who will explain the procedure as it is now completed by the regional membership secretary locally.


Membership Registration and Renewal

  • For EPA membership on-line go to the EPA website - click on the oval button - Online Membership

    On the next screen you will find information on how to change country, region or club (an application must be sent to the EPA membership secretary, Ray Keemer-Richards in Kent)

  • In the left corner under the EPA badge are 2 buttons "log-in" & "new registration

    Selection of the appropriate button will lead to a choice of details or new member data; after which the screen leads on to secure payment. Once a membership number is given - this becomes your perpetual membership number which is unique to each EPA member.
    A receipt for your payment will be sent to your email address by your club secretary (this is a computer generated receipt not personally from your club secretary).

  • Having followed these steps if there are any problems please contact the membership secretary by text or email: mlyngravell@gmail,com who will answer any queries.

  • Juniors can renew their membeership on line but the £5 on-line fee will have to be paid, and money will then need to be reclaimed from the SCPA treasurer. Alternately the club membership secretary can be contacted for an SCPA membership form which when completed and returned to her will not requre any payment. The SCPA supports its juniors by payment of their EPA fee.

    It is preferable and quicker to process your membership on line, however adults not wishing to join or renew on-line may also follow the above procedure with a form from their Club secretary.
  • Membership form
  • The membership fee is £26 cheques made out to the S.C.P.A. Please post the SCPA form and cheque to membership secretary, who will process them as soon as possible